The energy of our body flows up through our root chakra into the other charkas and circulates throughout the entire body. The energy flows like a flowing stream, so when the root chakra is congested the energy can’t flow to the other chakra’s as easy.

The root chakra is largely connected to our bowels. In my work of studying iridology, I’ve been lead to the fascinating work of Dr. Jensen and what he calls his greatest discovery, the neural-arc reflex. He proves that a dirty bowel is the root cause of a dirty body.

When we’re in our mother’s womb at only two weeks old, one of the very first organs to form is our primitive gut tube that becomes the bowels and nervous system. This means that the bowels and nervous system are intimately working partners. By the sixth week, most of our other organs begin to bud out from our primitive gut tube. This’s very important to note because where the bowel has an inherent weakness, the organ that developed from that area of the bowel also has an inherent weakness.

This means that the root of our health is quite literally our bowels.  

If certain areas of our bowels are inherently weak from genetic passing of our parents becomes encumbered with toxic waste from our poor diet and lifestyle choices. Then the pain or discomfort will reflex to some other part of the body, causing us to think something is wrong in that area when in fact it is the bowels that are the root of the symptoms felt. Because of the lack of pain nerves in the bowel, we don’t realize that it is, in fact, the bowel’s troubles that is the true root of our problems.

When we have overloaded amounts of congested lymphatic wastes damming up and our bowels and surrounding areas the nerves and genetic weaknesses become irritated making the flow of energy stagnant. This gums up energy flowing from the root chakra up into the other chakras.

Read part two where I explain how the emotions play into this as well.

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