Iridology is the study of the iris, relating to cellular weaknesses (genetics) and acidosis and toxicity. As tissues become weakened and congested with acids, changes occur in the fibers of the iris. Iridology is not a diagnostic tool, but rather a holistic approach that reminds us that our physical health depends upon the health of every cell.

This article is preceded by Part 1 and Part 2. Please do read this first as a background for the information presented here.


The iridology report with Thad Cheatham highlighted that my thyroid is in a chronically degenerative stage.

Thad explains: “A hyper condition is an irritated condition caused by acids that are causing the body to overreact. This is the stage where you see all the major inflammatory conditions and pain. If a hyper condition is not addressed, over time, it will develop into a hypo condition.

hypo condition (chronic and degenerative) is an accumulation of acids over a long period of time that has caused interstitial dehydration, which then starts to erode, mutate and degrade the cellular tissue. Eighty percent of all disease is found in these stages.”

At degenerative stages, pain is not always constant. Symptoms can no longer be suppressed by chemicals, radiation or any other procedure. The only hope at this point is to hydrate and detoxify the lymphatic system and revitalized the cells, tissues, organs and glands. Cells are dying at this point; viruses or antigens are released for self-destruction; parasites move in and take control.


To understand this better, let’s have a look at Doctor Jensen’s chart which shows how the path of disease is evolving over time:

“In acute stages, there will be a lot of symptoms of inflammation, pain or fever.

In subacute stages, there is less pain and the metabolism is slowed down. In hyper stages, the body is overacting and then it goes to the hypo stages, where we will find chronic and degenerative affections and flower vitality.

Around the areas affected by degenerative issues, the patient won’t have pain, the sensation is often lost there. The pain will affect areas outside and that’s where they will be feeling the pain because that area would still be in the chronic or subacute stages.

So when someone starts off in acute and subacute stages and then starts to lose the pain and inflammation, they have the impression it’s going better when actually, it’s getting worse. We will experience pain and inflammation while going back to these subacute and acute stages. We often make the mistake of associating pain with something bad, but usually, it’s a sign the body is starting to respond again.”


The use of herbal formulas from Doctor Morse will help me drain the head from acidity. Glandulars (non vegan) is also an option to give a kick start to weakened glands, in my case thyroid and parathyroid.

Iridology Report
The four stages of degeneration and the path to disease.


If you are interested in scheduling your own iridology report, you can contact Thad directly:

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