How to strengthen the master glands to balance the third chakra

The 3rd chakra is the area where our self-confidence is cultured or destroyed by the subconscious mind or ego. My study of iridology has revealed to me how our nervous system and bowels are intimately connected. In iridology, the upper part of our iris reflects our brain health. Right below this area is the master glands (hypothalamus and pituitary) and right below the master glands is the transverse colon.

Seeing all this laid out in our iris gives us a clear picture of how inherited weaknesses in our bowels, especially the transverse colon, become congested with acids and mucus. This weakness then radiates outwards towards the master gland area of our iris, which then radiates to the part of our brain called the “Ego Pressure” or “subconscious mind” area.

This “Ego pressure” area has a lot to do with how we express ourselves. For example, when someone has a strong narcissistic personality, they have a hypo weakness in the “Ego Pressure” part of their brain. We have to remember, we don’t want to identify too much and think that the ways we act are a part of your personality because that will all change when we work on improving these weaknesses.

The amygdala part of our brain or our emotion center is located right below the master glands.  When we have strong negative emotions like stress and lack of love from our heart, we can let those emotions affect our nervous system which will affect all of our body’s areas to one degree or another.

When we clean our bowels and the lymphatic system, we allow our brain to drain its congestion which will, in turn, help the master glands work better. Remember the glands are like sponges and they can absorb chemicals and toxins very easy especially from our bowels. This is such a big problem I see all the time with my iridology clients. I can clearly see why people have problems with getting the energy in their chakras to flow properly because of physical lymphatic congestion.

There are so many great herbs, fruits, and essential oils, as well as time in nature, deep breathing exercises, enough play time in the sun and so much more that will help your master glands to work better.

Much love and light to you all!