Aria Persei

Utopia Rising contributor Aria Persei has used her life confrontations as an opportunity to evolve, and as an invitation to understand her wiring better and align with her morals and soul mission. A writer and videographer, Aria shares her works across a variety of platforms and works one-on-one with people looking to engage and grow. Read all about Aria and what you can expect from her on Utopia Rising below.

Utopia Rising (UR): Tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I share online content in the fields of spirituality, personal healing, therapy modalities, health, deprogramming and sincere self-work. I share podcasts, edit YouTube videos – inspirational videos, short documentaries and interviews – and write essays on my platform Aria Persei in French and English. I also share on social media, with a focus on calling out our critical thinking and working on emotional triggers. I hold one-on-ones with people feeling the call to exchange with me and to grow in their own process. I also work as a journalist for a French paper magazine in Belgium that covers organic lifestyle elements.

UR: Your bio talks of ‘big life initiations’ – could you give some more insight into those experiences and how they feed into what you do now?

Around my Saturn Return – around age 29 – it felt like my higher-self had ambushed my terrestrial self to provide the ground of solid initiations. I went through numerous initiations through relationships and friendships with fragmented souls – referred to as narcissistic or sociopathic profiles – leading to post-traumatic stress syndrome. It reactivated another post-trauma linked to a tragedy touching my nuclear family. A period of grief and intense deprogramming and re-patterning followed for the next four years, where I exclusively focused on excavating very deep-seated structures. I was also starting to consciously connect to the invisible realm of life, and to be able to perceive truth from lies in terms of frequency of fear, deception or knowledge and wisdom within people, pieces of information or collective events.

These life confrontations have been a powerful opportunity of evolution, an invitation to get to know my own wiring better, observe what triggers me, clean my body vessel, align with my morals and soul mission, learn about my physical, emotional and spiritual boundaries, and walk away from people-pleasing patterns. It has also been the chance to learn to watch the hidden motivation behind every action or thought and to be more discerning. Every day I am left seeing a little more about how it has never been about me. As it becomes less and less personal, I am becoming more attuned to the collective energetic battle. My personal story is disintegrating.

I have developed a solid practice of understanding the human psyche and have attuned more with my psychic predispositions. Lately, I am feeling like it’s time to share the gems of understanding that I have found along the way and to contribute by providing assistance to those who will feel called to work with me.

UR: What are the most common issues you deal with – in terms of your clients’ needs?

The people I work with, I don’t name ‘clients’, but rather something closer to consultants or just persons. They are usually called to work with me because in many ways our stories or inner wiring share some resonance. They start to grow in their perception of being manipulated to some degree, they have a special interest for the occult, they are starting cellular detoxification or fasting, they want to learn to understand their own wiring. They often have a profile of empath with psychic predispositions, are growing in their ability to take care of themselves through healthy practices and are working on their integrity and finding their own voice and expression.

UR: What is your driving force now – in terms of personal motivation and your work?

My driving force is integrity and personal sincere self-inquiry. I am seeing my work reaching more people in the future, inspiring them to align more with themselves so the ripple effect doesn’t stop, but instead creates waves of inspiration, elevation and personal and collective growth.

UR: What can UR subscribers expect from your columns?

Honesty, vulnerability, sincere self-work, sharing of personal struggles, addressing the victimhood frequency and the most vulnerable of wounds – such as not feeling recognized. In my columns, I face my fears without sugar coating the work, I address the traps of the mind, the mistakes. I share the unique frequency I am carrying, which is connected to a big solar light of hope, while holding a positive gracious timeline.