The Awakening

The Divine Soul is hidden within the human vessel. It is akin to a seed hidden in the dark soil. She cannot express herself in this life field for she craves nourishment from the divine realm, which is not of this world.

Her faint signals, her soft emanations, her frequency is misunderstood and misused time and time again. Many incarnations go by before the earthly human starts to heed the yearnings coming from this Centre, this seed.

The earthly consciousness, the ego, is not in tune with The Divine Soul, and as a result, she gets ignored and overpowered, misused and abused. Her faint signals fall on barren soil, as they are so otherworldly. This is how the human creates his own misery, how races and civilizations are destroyed, how we as humans stand opposed individually as well as collectively and contribute to this worlds drama.

After having suffered and endured pain on every level, the accumulated karma wears down the earthly expression and the earthly consciousness starts to develop insight and self-knowledge.

A yearning is felt, a need for answers, for wisdom.

It is precisely this self-knowledge, this self-realization, this insight that creates the space for the Christ seed to be experienced, for her frequency to be perceived and for her presence to be acknowledged. This is ‘the awakening’!

There will always be something to do… such is the nature of our world. It divides through fragmentation, causing our consciousness to be scattered – making us believe there are a thousand more important and urgent things to be done. Yet when your inner life is ripe, life will send you something that forces you to let go of the fragmentation of your attention, your false focus. This could come in the form of a book, a divorce, an illness, a conversation, depression or an accident. In fact, this could be anything that turns our focus from the outer world, inwards.

And so we learn to discern The Divine Soul’s voice and frequency. We learn to resonate with her, to surrender and reconnect with the divine field from where she came.

Blessings to All Beings