(PART 1)


Soul Unfolding (Part 1)

A series of articles about the process of awakening.

This is the first article of a series that dive deep into the process of awakening and what that truly means for you as well as the world at large.

Above all, know that you are always loved, held in the highest regard and carried by the greatest light and wisdom…no matter what your circumstance. At any moment in your life, there is a current available to you that is accessible only through your free will and open heart.

It is always my highest intention to wish for you to truly recognize this and then act on it and open up to this, as it is the one and only Truth, the breath, the Divine Current, the Golden Sunlight that unfolds the soul.

Instil within yourself an unwavering trust in this, the process it will guide you through, and the transformation that will result from this.

Trust that you are setting foot on the path of True Life.

A path that has been waiting for you since the beginning of time!

Hidden within, deeply unconscious and bound within layers of forgotten Love, crystallized emotions and an endless bombardment of experiences…

The time has come to undo these shackles and release, to answer the call that is transmitting from your center – your truest Being.

You are a Light Being within an Earthly Being!

Two worlds are within you!

This is the riddle, the maze.

Two worlds hold you and influence you simultaneously.

Your biological state will try to convince you over and over that it is more important than your spiritual state…

Allow the Light Being to develop, open up to the Divine electromagnetic current and let it transform your Earth Being.

As the personality bows to the Light Being and cooperates willingly with the transformative processes, your true life will unfold and the New Earth becomes your home…

Endless Love for All Beings