I was asked a really interesting question on a job interview today.

My answer not only made their mouth drop but made them realize my process of working is very thought out, experienced, and result oriented.

There are 4 areas that make a “WHOLE” healing within a person:


How you process emotions and deal with conflict and taking care of yourself is based on the first 7 years of your life.

  • Childhood Trauma Brain Protocol


From the experiences growing up, you were taught a certain way to talk, mannerisms, and people with trauma learn how to hide their authentic self. Not feeling good enough and if controlled and manipulated as a child you then formulate an unconscious need to control something as an adult. Food, sex, shopping, a partner, ect.

  • OCD Brain Protocol


A famous line in the self-motivation arena is you are the 5 people you hang out with the most, so make sure their mirrors match what you desire. If your friends do drugs – you probably will too – if your friends focus on past relationships you probably will, ect…if they drink alcohol you probably do… the need to belong…

  • Addiction Brain Protocol


These are people who are stretching themselves about why are they here on earth, and what is their life purpose. They know they are more than material items in a room and practice some form of discipline to get closer to self, which is closer to God:

  • PTSD Brain Protocol (heal to be here )
  • Kundalini Yoga / Prayer / Self Service / Fasting

If I have a serious student or project all these areas must be addressed to make a “WHOLE” healing of a person.

There are other healing modules that combine and depending on the personality of the person I would connect them to that healer as well.

The reason why talk therapy is not serving our people is if a therapist has to see 10-25 people a day then the fastest way to resolve is a pill.

In my new mental health system, all practitioners can only work 15 hours a week. And get paid more for their work. It takes a great amount of energy to work with a client and until our society can understand that we will continue to see a mental health crisis (statistics don’t lie).

Health is Wealth,