Transmuting negative emotions

Human emotion is a guidance system

Much like the dashboard on our cars that tell us when something is awry, our emotions alert us to places of misalignment within our energy field. They are meant to support and guide us. They give us information.

While there truly is no “negative” or “bad” emotion, each emotion has a frequency and effects our body/mind differently. The best way to transmute what we might term a negative emotion. Is to ascertain the message it is conveying.

We might ask ourselves the following question:
Is this negative emotion the result of a way of thinking that is not in alignment with my Truth?


  • emotion –  ANXIETY about going to grandmas
  • thought –   grandma is going to smack talk about the way I dress
  • conclusion –  I’m bad. I can’t be myself.  I’m not good enough.

So, in this case, we can change the thought in order to relieve the emotion. While it may be true that grandma does not like how I dress, how I interpret that determines whether I feel anxiety or playfulness and therefore joy.

My thoughts can turn anxiety to JOY

New thought – Grandma comes from a background of extreme conservatism.

She probably wishes she could have dressed this way and therefore been more comfortable.  I should ask grandma what her favorite color to wear is.

What might happen now?
How might you feel different?

Grandma starts to talk about her favorite color and you respond by active listening and feeling what she feels and suddenly the convo is uplifting with a high vibe. No anxiety.

The “negative” emotion came from a conclusion you drew from a thought which was out of alignment with the TRUTH about you.

You are good.

You are worthy.

Being who you truly are matters.

When we choose thoughts that are not in alignment with truth, we feel “bad.”

In this way, the emotion guides us away from misalignment.

What a Gift!