The Microcosm

Every cell, every singular form of life, is a field, a cosmic expression… a sphere of complete power and intelligence.

The cell is an individual expression of everything, of all … of God.

It contains an atomic nucleus, a sun within, that powers the sphere where both the positive and negative fields are balanced and in equilibrium.

The atomic nucleus is whole… is One and is the driving force of the field.

It is the God expression…the Flame…the Life force that is present in EVERY cell that exists in the universe.

The microcosm is the cell, the life field, the field of expression for the human being.

It is a sphere that is an individual expression of Divine consciousness.

It resembles the cosmos as a miniature version and contains all the aspects of a complete world hence the name miniature world or microcosm.

The outermost layer of the human microcosm surrounds us like an eggshell and consists of a magnetic field called the ‘lipika’ or auric being in which our karma is embedded.

The lipika can be seen, if you like, as the ‘sky’ of our own miniature cosmos, our own personal zodiac because it is studded with magnetic points like stars.

These magnetic points act as filters, admitting from the cosmos into the microcosm only those energies which resonate with them. In most people, these magnetic points are attuned only to the dialectical order of existence; the universe of separation and death…the field of illusions.

Inside this magnetic sphere is a space called the ‘respiration field’. This space is filled with magnetic lines of force running from the magnetic points in the lipika to the material body of the temporary, mortal personality which is you or me. As is known to many people ,this personality doesn’t just consist of the physical body that we can see and touch but of more subtle bodies as well.

There are currently four bodies, each being of different grades of subtlety, all interpenetrating each other. Our visible, physical body is interpenetrated and surrounded firstly by the etheric or vital body which guides and controls the life processes going on in the material body. Interpenetrating the etheric and material bodies and extending some distance beyond them is the astral body. In this body our desires and emotions and our feelings of attraction and rejection are manifested and radiated outwards.

Then there is the mental body. This is concentrated mainly around the head and is involved in attracting and radiating all the forces concerned with our thinking processes.

It is not yet really mature in the majority of humans.

The last aspect of the microcosm is the atomic centre…the Divine Atom or the Spirit-Spark.

This Divine Seed is situated right at the centre of the microcosm at the point which coincides with the top of the right-hand heart ventricle. It is referred to by the Ancient Ones as the Monad.

It is the last remnant, within the microcosm, of its original Divine state and is not affected by any of the forces at work in the world of time and space, the dualistic matrix.

It can only react to the forces of the original, Divine order and until it can be touched by these Divine frequencies it will remain asleep, dormant and inactive…like a seed. And, like a seed, it contains the whole blueprint of the original , divine microcosm. It only waits for the divine sunlight to reach it and then, with the cooperation of the human personality, it will be able to unfold and the whole microcosm will gradually be able to be restored to its original, divine state.

May All Beings receive the Light of the Spiritual Sun and blossom into Divinity.