THE POWER OF THE VOICE KELLY CASTRO 15 years ago anyone who knew me would’ve been happy to tell you how brutally honest I was, and the truth is, I was proud of that. I WAS HONEST! Honest about everything I thought about you, others in the world at large. I was fierce in my convictions and addicted to my own rightness. I was using my voice to intoxicate myself and to experience a false sense of power. At the time I didn’t understand that being loud about my opinions and judgments didn’t equate to authentic and powerful expression. It took many years, many deaths, a lot of work and an extraordinary amount of humility to understand what “speaking my truth “could mean. I realized that the truth I was speaking and “being so honest” about was being filtered through a deeply traumatized and fearful system. This combined with the gift of natural leadership was a very dangerous combination. My voice and influence were not being used to elevate consciousness… If anything, they were igniting distraction and destruction while being fueled by distortion. Sadly, this is a common place that we as human beings are communicating from. We distract ourselves with insignificant conversations that keep us on the surface and away from ourselves and others. We destroy people’s reputations with gossip. We destroy our relationships and opportunities with the power of our words, our projections and our interpretations. What if we all truly saw what we were doing and who we were being? What if we understood the power the voice once the channel has been cleared? Would we be more motivated to evolve? The work to clear the channel is painful and we are trained to avoid it at all costs, yet the rewards are unparalleled to any other. We truly are so blessed to have so many opportunities to question our own thinking and to utilize our lives and relationships to look at what is blocking us from the highest expression of our being. To keep clearing traumas and obstructions so that we may continue to become intimately acquainted with the truth of our Spirit. THIS is the womb in which our authentic voices are birthed and they reverberate with love, grace, compassion and clarity. This voice is sourced by intuition and divine guidance. It doesn’t have an agenda and it leads with vulnerability. It may trigger people from time to time – yet it is absent of the desire to inflict or cause unnecessary pain. It speaks with intention for healing. And when we become afraid, triggered and speak from an unconscious place – we have the opportunity to return to this Voice – this center – and repair through responsible and powerful communication. It takes an incredible amount of awareness, commitment and discipline to maintain such a conscious practice, and is well worth it. We become the true peacemakers and wayshowers of what is possible for humanity. Our ability to use language can be either our greatest superpower or curse depending on how we use it.