Vulnerability and shame

There is a mostly undetected virus that plagues humanity. This virus is shame. It is the heavy burden that can weigh us down. The barrier that keeps us hostage to limited self-expression and disconnected relating. It is the holder of our secrets and our pain, and its purpose is just that – to distract us and keep us away from the deep pain we all carry.

It speaks in whispers of self-doubt and loud screams of self-hatred. “Who do you think you are?” “Someday they will find out about the truth – that you are a fraud.” “You will never be as good as them.” “You don’t belong here. You don’t belong anywhere.” “YOU’RE A MONSTER!!!” “YOU SHOULD DIE!!” (for those of us with a darker flare). It manifests in feelings of anxiety and depression and creates the constant experience of being separated. Separate from Source, from Self, and from everyone and everything. In moments of spiralling into the despair of this shame, the mind cries out “IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN THIS WAY AND WILL ALWAYS BE THIS WAY. WHAT THE F&@K IS THE POINT OF ALL OF THIS.”

This is the very moment of death. One more death of the ego. The shame is part of the noise that would love to keep it alive. So, what is our solution to this worldwide epidemic? Vulnerability. Yes, that is correct – vulnerability is the antidote to shame. Vulnerability allows us to drop below the layers of our defenses into something much deeper. It is where we will discover the depths of our suffering along with the extreme heights of joy. It is what roots us deep into our humanity and unites us with the cosmos. It is medicine and it is magic.

Why are more of us not using it?