The Soul is a highly volatile Being or Body.

This body is etheric and able to penetrate into all other bodies including the physical body which is the densest of all bodies.

She carries consciousness..in fact, she IS consciousness: an ever-changing core state that determines our life circumstances.

It can be compared to a living flame carrying codes of existence.

Its frequencies determine our state of Being.

The Soul is electromagnetically active in the fluids of our system.

She embodies the blood and the lymph fluids as well as the nerve/cerebral fluids to transfer coding/information to the organs and subsequently the physical body.

Higher frequency soul consciousness is an inner potential that can be self-realised.

This inner potential is found in seed form at the very centre of our Being, in the innermost aspect of our heart. It is the Divine spark, the Christ seed, the Buddha nature, the rose or lotus…

It contains within itself the blueprint and raw materials for our full self-realisation and liberation – the activation of the true atomic power within the human being!

This self-realisation involves self-knowing. It involves a going within, for the Centre calls us to turn away from attachment to all that is outer.  Thus we learn to discern Its voice in the silence, to surrender our life to It, and be guided by It. If the purpose of life is to find the purpose of life, then this inner voice of the heart is a treasure of insight and knowing.

When we surrender to the inner beloved of the heart, this changes the heart’s electric and magnetic fields, which triggers its atomic transformation. This allows unprecedented new processes to take place throughout the body. In this new activity of the human heart lies the key to the fundamental renewal of human individuals and, thus, the world. 

Blessings to All Beings