Community of the Heart

This concept of community has been calling me for at least two decades and over the years, the reality of what community truly is has come into focus. I suppose the term is thrown around quite loosely and has a broad definition.

For me, community has become essential for my continued

Health, Wellbeing and Growth.

What may have taken me weeks or months and even years to process, heal and integrate, can now happen in a fraction of the time as I have manifested true, high-level community to reflect, mirror and hold space for my evolving.

What the world needs now is REAL COMMUNITY in practice and body – not just as a concept.

What does that look like?

Well in the past, I thought that making friends created community.

But, what I found was that everyone had such crazy, “busy” lives that rarely did we actually spend any real time together apart from text and social media.

“BUSYNESS” has become a state of being that has been normalized and elevated in society. We take pride in our busyness and wear it like a banner of how productive and successful we are.

I, personally, don’t buy into this any longer.
Real community requires so much more than a fuzzy emoji.

It means creating a life that contains large amounts of presence and ability to show up in mindfulness for those around you in ways that are not just about monetizing your time and sharing.

I have manifested true community because of some big leaps I have taken toward manifesting the abundance that I AM and deciding to play and BE more and DO less.

This is available to everyone.

For me, it took walking through some pretty big fears and programs.

Once I exited the Matrix – it just got easier and easier.

Now, I am the happy beneficiary of living, working, and playing with other like-minded souls who have my best interest at heart and hold space when I need to cry, laugh, process, or just be witnessed in my shadow and growth.

And, I do this while living in beautiful spaces around the world that are conducive to the unfolding of my life purpose and work.

This is KULA ~ Community of the Heart.