The pelvis is such an essential component when it come to grounding. The pelvis is the gateway to our base chakra and so when this area is blocked it is incredibly hard for the energy to flow down in to our legs. This makes it very difficult to ground our energy.

The pelvis also balances our masculine and feminine energies. Every person contains and works with both masculine and feminine energy. The feminine energy runs down the left side of our bodies and masculine energy runs down the right-hand side. Feminine energy is our passive, creative and nurturing energy while the masculine is our active, analytical and protective energy. We need both of these to live a balanced whole life.

The Yoga set – Kundalini Yoga for Pelvic Balance is the perfect kriya (yoga sequence) to open up and bring balance to the hips. This, in turn, allows energy to flow down into the lower areas of the body, allowing us to ground our energy. This balances our masculine and feminine energy and helps us move out of a headspace into a more centered and clear state of being.

This 18min yoga set is perfect for all ages and levels. Enjoy!