Female and vaginal problems and what to do about them

In this article, we will explore some of the most common challenges women face and particularly women that are in the detox phase. During this time, it is typical for old symptoms to flare up as the body systemically clears itself. Do not despair, this is all part of the healing process and a very good thing!

Most common signs that your inner terrain, hormones and endocrine system are out of balance:

  • PCOS
  • PMS
  • UTI’s etc

These symptoms point to three things:

  1. Your kidneys are not filtering
  2. Your adrenals are weak
  3. Your lymphatic system is backed up

Remember, that everything is always connected, nothing ever exists in isolation. Symptoms express themselves differently from person to person due to genetic weakness and emotional disposition. Understand that these symptoms is your body talking to you. Listen.

E-motions are of course also tied in with dis-ease and in particular with any female problems. Be kind to yourself and allow the body to guide you. Ultimately,
the body never lies.


Where are you not honouring the Divine Feminine in you?
Do not be sidetracked by the idea of what “divine feminine” looks like or what you would like it to be, but rather where the “divine feminine” is guiding you look and feel into.

Let’s explore each of the symptoms – what they relate to e-motionally and what you can take physically to support your body when the symptoms show up.


Physically: You may be tempted to find a short term solution to kills the bacteria, but know that this only drives the issue deeper in the tissue. The long-term solution is to change your internal terrain to not be a perfect host for bacteria.

Emotionally: Look at your belief system around sexuality and how you relate to your own sexuality/feminist. Anger against your partner/men might be an issue too and/or self-punishment.

Remedy: Take Oil of Oregano internally in high doses (1 full dropper 3-4 times per day), and Olive Leaf Tincture or capsules, also x3-4 times per day. Neem powder can be helpful as well as washing with a light solution of tea tree oil. Douching with Dr Morses’s Heal-All-Tea a few times a day will help as well as taking some probiotics for short term assistance.

Ultimately, your priority focus should be to clear the terrainget your kidneys filtering and strengthen your adrenals. The quickest long-term solution is to dry fast regularly (12-14 hours daily and 24 hours weekly), eating within the mucus-lean to mucusfree range and releasing your emotions.

Chances are your gut also needs some deep healing and recalibrating. For gut healing focus on starting your day with a celery juice. Continue with green juices, green smoothies and fruit (if your body can handle it). If not, stick to greens – raw and steamed. Sarsaparilla and Goldenseal Tincture can be helpful too.

Benefits of Sarsaparilla: a blood purifying herb that supports the liver and the lymphatic system and balances hormones and iron levels for women which are co-factors in healing the gut.
Benefits of Goldenseal Tincture: this bitter improves digestion and has an antibiotic cleansing effect on the digestive system which helps with inflammation, digestion and absorption. Goldenseal can be a real godsend for bad cases of SIBO and can be beneficial in the treatment of recurring UTI’s.


Physically: This is primarily connected to an obstructed lymphatic system.

: This is linked to the inability to give and receive nurturance, as well as feeling unworthy of receiving tenderness, whilst being overbearing towards others.

Remedy: Get your lymph moving through walking, kundalini yoga, breath-work and gentle rebounding. Focus on getting kidney filtration and strengthening your adrenals as well as cleaning out your bowels with enemas and colonics and taking Triphala and Haritaki as it oxygenates the blood.

Eating a mucuslean/mucusfree diet along with regular dry fasting (12/14 hours daily and 24 hours weekly whilst healing) will benefit you greatly. Keep in mind that there might well be bigger issues at play too that need to be addressed.


Physically: This is linked to heavy metal toxicity in the body and a problem metabolising sugar. High-fat diets add to the problem.

Emotionally: Candida consciousness is a thing – the brain fog, feeling scattered, untrusting yet demanding, fearful and not able to take action are feelings that make up the Candida sufferer.

Remedy: Take parasite, kidney, adrenal, endocrine and heavy metal tinctures by Dr Morse. Embark on daily dry fasts (12-14 hours) and a weekly 24hour dry fast. If you combine this with a high fruit diet this will bring candida out.

Do get tested for heavy metal toxicity. If you are high in heavy metals it is best to get professional guidance as it can be very tricky to navigate this by yourself. Pineapple juice, cilantro, basil, moringa powder and baobab powder (in smoothies) are great for heavy metal detoxing.


Physically: PCOS and cysts are indicative of a clogged lymphatic system and high acidity.

: Clinging onto past hurts and not wanting to grow and take responsibility are key indicators. It’s easier to be angry than to take action. Not fully embracing our feminine flow and its cycles also play a big part in PMS.

If you experience PMS, your body is asking you to look at where you are out of balance. A mucus forming diet and environmental toxicity are other contributing PMS factors.

Get onto adrenal, endocrine, kidney, lymph and bowel tinctures from Dr Morse and focus on eating mucusfree. Again daily dry fasts (12-14 hours) with one 24 hour dry once per week is key.

Clean out the bowels with TriphalaHaritaki and or enemas and colonics. Sarsaparilla is a great tincture to take as it cleanses the blood and balances out iron levels.

Support this with rebounding to move the lymph and deep yogic breathing to calm the nervous system and adrenals. Dates are a great source for magnesium which is so often deficient in women.

PMS is not natural in the least, we are meant to have a pain free and very light monthly flow.


Physically: This is most common as a first healing crisis when women start detoxing. UTI’s are indicative of a very acidic body, weak kidneys and weak adrenals.

Emotionally: UTIs are linked to anger towards the opposite sex and not taking full responsibility for your emotional well being in relationships/not standing in your power.

Remedy: It goes without saying that UTI’s can be very painful – sometimes even accompanied by blood in the urine. Antibiotics are not the answer.
Get onto high doses of Oil of Oregano and Olive Leaf Tincture (3-4 times per day), take a tsp of bicarb in a glass of grape juice and lemon juice to calm down the burn and have a few lemon juice enemas too, to flush out acids. Ideally, you want to dry fast for 24-36 hours as that is the best way to get rid of an infection. Follow the LIVINGmucusFREE lifestyle and gradually clean out your body until it is back in balance.

If you are not detoxing currently, it is very likely that you will experience a healing crisis that may include theabove-mentionedd symptoms. The body will bring everything to the surface to be healed, often in cycles, so you may go through several rounds of healing.


Allow the body to do its thing. Dry fasting will speed up the healing process which means it can also bring on a healing crisis. Balance out the detoxification process with lots of greens, if fruit is accelerating things beyond comfort.


“The issue is in the tissues”
“If you can feel it, you can heal it”