When my health crashed five years ago, I decided to go ALL ORGANIC and natural on all fronts. Up until this time, I was caught in the frenzy of expensive beauty products and buying into what they could do for me. I tossed out all my fancy makeup, facial creams, body lotions and perfumes and switched over to natural products. Non-natural make-up and skincare items are laden with chemicals, parabens and other carcinogenic agents. What many don’t realise is that the skin is our biggest organ of absorption and thus whatever you put on your skin ends is assimilated by the body. Do what you can to replace all your make-up and skincare products with natural versions. The only regret you will have is not starting this process earlier. Plus you will have beautiful skin to boot!
Before writing this article, I went through my bare bone make-up drawer (I generally don’t wear make-up anymore) and thought I’d share my top favourites with you:


RODIN face oil: I don’t use this every day, but this product is deeply hydrating and nourishing and great for all skins combinations
Rodin face oil


RMS beauty “un-cover” foundation/concealer – WOW, I LOVE this product! Most days I am bare-skinned, but when I do want to look more polished (without looking done-up), this product is the bestI’ve had mine for four years and I still have loads of it! I use 22 in winter and 33 in summer and often just dab a little under my eyes and blend well and that’s all that is needed when you are radiating from within! I use my fingers but you could use a brush too.

Rodin Concealer and Foundation
Rodin Concealer and Foundation


RODIN hair oil: Since LIVINGmucusFREE I don’t use commercial shampoos anymore and only use natural, sulphate free shampoos. I am always experimenting with new ones. I now only wash my hair once every 10-14 days and love using hair oil in between my washes. A little goes a very long way!


    • RODIN lip balm: is deeply hydrating with a light shimmer. This is my favourite lip balm ever!
    • RODIN LIPSTICK in Heavenly Hoop – I just love this colour as it works on everyone and looks natural. Most days I only wear lip balm but sometimes I still like a little colour. This version just works!
    • RMS lip shine in Moment – a beautiful neutral colour that suits everyone
    • Blusher/lip stain
    • RMS beauty signature set – if you want an all in one this product is great as a lip balm, highlighter and lip colour. You can use this on your cheeks as a bronzer or as an eye shadow, using your fingers.

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Rodin lipstick
Rodin lipstick in Heavenly Loop


Rodin lip balm
Rodin lip balm


RMS beauty signature set
RMS beauty signature set


RMS LIVING LUMINIZER QUAD is a fun product and all you need to accentuate your luminosity. A little goes a long way and with four colours to choose from you can play around!

RMS LIving Luminizer Quad


I cleanse my skin with black soap and apple cider vinegar. I use a small facial brush for my face which you can use dry to brush your face and get the lymphatic flow going. Make your own Beautiful Skin Formula. Learn how to here.


  • FULVIC ACID – add to the scrub and/or to your enemas or this product
  • MAGNESIUM OIL is great to rub your feet and tummy with before bedtime for deeper rest.
  • LIQUID SILICA – add this to the body/face scrub to enhance it’s restoring properties and you can use the liquid SILICA internally as well to build collagen, help with hair and nail growth and to remineralize the body. Or use this product.

Note: As the body detoxes and you rebuild, silica levels will be restored but the Liquid Silica can offer assistance.